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I can't imagine why or how this still happens, but KCRG is reporting that already this Spring, at least one incident has been reported in the Cedar Rapids area of a parent leaving a child in a hot, locked, unattended vehicle!

The parent claimed, according to the report, that their excuse was the baby was asleep and he didn't want to disturb the child. The good news is the baby is ok but come on, really? I'm not a busy parent myself, but I do have a couple of young nephews and a niece, and we all forget things from time to time but I can't imagine your own baby being one of them.

An officer told KCRG that a baby's body heats up three times faster than an adult's, leaving them at much higher risk for heat exhaustion, so even leaving a window cracked open is not good enough.

They recommend putting something in the backseat that you need to take with you, such as a wallet, phone or purse, in the event you need a reminder to REMOVE YOUR BABY FROM THE CAR. Again, I can't imagine why you would need such a reminder, but that's just me. Also, and this wasn't in the KCRG story, but just a personal reminder from me: the same goes for pets.

Police suggest always calling 911 if you happen to notice a baby being left unattended in a vehicle. I've heard of people doing more than that, and taking matters into their own hands.  What would you do? Share your thoughts in the comments.

[Via KCRG]

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