We have a fascination with celebrities, finding it almost jaw dropping when they do something completely normal, like taking their kids to the park, or walking the dog, or shopping at Target?!?  Yup. Could you imagine pushing your cart around Target, Starbucks in hand, when you accidentally bump into a British woman, who simply turns around and says, "Hello."  You take a second glance and realize, "It's you." It's Adele.

That was the case over the weekend, as Adele was shopping Walmart, sans make-up, looking just like everyone else, as she checked out some beauty products, and even an Incredible Hulk coloring book, no doubt for her son. What's best, no one around her seemed to even notice. I guess it's comforting to know that someone who can afford anything still enjoys the comforts of "the store where you always come out with more", Target.