Rilee is the female husky I have been fostering for Last Hope Animal Rescue. She LOVES water and has a blast playing in creeks and swimming. So last weekend, I decided to take her out on the lake. I held my breath as the phone rang, scared of the answer I would receive from Lake Macbride rentals when I asked, "Are dogs allowed?". "Sure!" they replied positively. Bingo! We immediately went out to Petsmart, bought a vest and after a terrifying five minutes nearly tipping over in a canoe, we switched to a paddleboat and went on our way.

As you can tell from the video, Rilee clearly enjoyed the adventure. Not only is Rilee a swimmer, she loves to cuddle and is very affectionate. If you need a cuddle buddy and are interested in adopting Rilee, check out her profile right here. For more information on pet adoption and to see other adoptable animals visit

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