A local Cedar Rapids shelter is in desperate need of your help to save dogs from being euthanized.

Last Hope Animal Rescue in Cedar Rapids gets dogs from various areas of the country. Many are local, some come from other states, and some are from other shelters. According to Last Hope's Facebook post, one of the shelters that they take dogs from is at capacity and will have to euthanize the animals if they aren't rescued. Sadly, many of the dogs at the shelter were dumped there by their owners who no longer wanted to care for them. Last Hope reached out to other rescues in the area to help, but unfortunately, all are overwhelmed with their current animals and are out of foster homes. That's where you come in.

Ever thought about fostering a dog? Now is the perfect opportunity because it's a life or death situation for these animals. The dogs that Last Hope receives from these shelters are generally dog and people-friendly, although little is known about the current dogs in need. There are seven dogs total all of which are from the southern Iowa/Illinois area.

  1. Black and tan female, can climb a 4-foot fence.
  2. Neutered male black lab mix. He's a big boy and friendly.
  3. Female "bird dog" around 6-years-old. She was possibly used as a hunting dog and has a tumor on her underside that needs attention. Nice dog!
  4. White American bully mix female. She's about a year old and nice.
  5. Male hound mix, around 2 years old. Very friendly!
  6. & 7. Littermates: one male and one female. They are around 9 months old. They also need to be split up, so each needs a foster home.

Last Hope has foster homes that have committed to help, but there would still be four dogs left on this list. If you would like to foster one of these animals, you must be at least 21 years of age. Also, if you have animals in your home they must be current on their vaccinations. Ideally, the foster homes would be in Cedar Rapids so the rescue can offer support, but there is support across eastern Iowa. Last Hope will cover all vet expenses "including vaccinations, spay/neuter, flea/tick, and heartworm preventatives." They can also provide food if it's needed. Please consider doing what you can to help. These animals' lives depend on it. You can fill out a foster application here.

You can find out more information and see photos of the dogs in need in the post below:

Fill out a foster application HERE today and support these sweet pups.

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