Downtown Cedar Falls is finally getting a bookstore!

Located at 216 Main Street in Cedar Falls, the new shop is moving into the storefront previously occupied by Miss Wonderful Vintage. The owner Ann Eastman was proud of the time she spent running the storefront over the past decade.

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“It has been my absolute joy and dream to be here and do what I do. I got to come to work and play with color, vintage treasures, playful new products AND be with all my wonderful customers. I've always said that I have the best of them,” Eastman said in a social media post.

Now, a new bookstore called the Nook will be taking over the spot.

The owners of this business are Abby Olson and Brandon Conrad who just got married this summer. They were operating their little shop inside of the Cob Mercantile for a while.

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Eastman was the first person to give this young couple a chance to start up their business on Main Street.

"Ann helped our business take a huge step and now she’s helped us take an even bigger one," the bookstore owners said on social media.

Now, the couple recently announced the official grand opening date of the Nook!

The Nook Grand Opening Details

The newest addition to Downtown Cedar Falls will be opening up for business Saturday, November 11th. Doors will open up at 10:00 AM and the first thirty customers through the door will get a free tote bag and candle! And there will also be some free sweet treats from Moo's Bakery for a limited time.

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