The G-Force is strong with this one.

In the wake of the recent airline scandals that have the general public flying off the handle, one airline took off on a happy note on one flight recently.

TMZ reported that a Delta flight from Tampa to Los Angeles had none other than smooth jazz saxophonist Kenny G onboard, who proceeded to toot his own horn for everyone on the plane with him.

It turned out, the performance was for the sake of benefitting one flight attendant's Relay for Life campaign, to help raise $2,000 in donations from the passengers. It worked, and he walked up and down the aisle for several minutes hitting the high notes with his saxophone of awesomeness.

Some might feel being subjected to the sounds of Kenny G would be even more torturous than being forcefully dragged off a plane or being hit with your own child's baby stroller, but I definitely disagree, and it's another reason why Delta is who I choose to fly with most often. See some footage of the performance for yourself:

The airline's biggest issue might now be, how many passengers specifically begin asking for a flight with Kenny G on it.

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