UPDATE: KCRG reports that Wal-Mart is also rolling back its prices to pre-inflation levels on Thanksgiving essentials. They will revert to 2021 amounts, essentially allowing customers to pay just what they did last year. Learn more here.


Just for the sake of comparison for this story, I did some digging. The average cost of a Thanksgiving dinner in 2019, according to Farm Bureau, was $48.16. It is sure to go up this year with the rise of inflation. The New York Post says overall food prices have risen 11.2 percent this year, but a midwest-based grocery chain with locations here in Eastern Iowa wants to help us celebrate like it's 2019.

A 16-lb. turkey was $20.80, a gallon of whole milk was $3.10 and cubed stuffing was $2.68. There are no promises that everything on your Thanksgiving table is going to cost what it did three years ago, but according to a press release, Aldi is here to help with its "Thanksgiving Price Rewind".

Based in Batavia, Illinois, Aldi has 2,200 stores across 38 states, and in the media release from the company:

2019 Thanksgiving Price Rewind on select ALDI products based on average retail at ALDI from Nov. 2-29, 2019. Available in-store and online from Nov. 2-29, 2022. Taxes and online and delivery fees are not included. Products with reduced prices are marked with the Thanksgiving Price Rewind icon. Prices for other Thanksgiving-related products may be higher than 2019 prices at ALDI. Wine and beer are available at select ALDI stores.

So it does sound like some great deals will be had on things like stuffing, rolls, apple pies, and certain types of wine, with certain items discounted up to 30 percent. Aldi is already a go-to for great deals for many, so this can only be more reason to give thanks, and stuff yourself in the company of loved ones this turkey day.

Just a reminder, most Aldi stores will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, as will these retailers, so be sure to stock up early. Iowa-based Hy-Vee also just announced that for the first time in its 92-year history, its stores will also be closed on November 24.

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