Summer has flown by insanely quick, although there's no denying it's been fun. Especially on Friday nights if you've been joining us with the Cedar Rapids Jaycees for Uptown Friday Nights at the Amphitheater.  While this season is almost over, we've got some names to look forward to for next year, included last Friday's performer, Alisabeth Von Presley.If you were not among the near 2000 in attendance, you really missed out on one of CR's finest.  Alisabeth not only has a powerhouse voice, but she's got amazing energy and a well produced show, complete with back-up singers, dancers, props, and costume changes.  However, I also heard backstage that this was their smaller set.   My jaw hit the floor on that one.  What would be their big set, and where would they play?  Vegas? I guess I shouldn't have been surprised knowing Alisabeth's vast TCR experiences.  She just blew audiences away in A Chorus Line.

That is just one reason why this was easily one of the best shows of the summer.  It's a full on entertaining show when Alisabeth performs.  It's not just a band up there, but a full spectacle.  Sure, it's not up to the Taylor Swift level, but it might as well be.  By that I mean this show should be on the road as part of a national touring act.  Yes, it's that good.

Here's the strange part too.  This was a night where the crowd was in the grass watching almost from the first moment.  Usual Uptown Friday Nights, the crowd is heavy by the beer tents for half the night, then slowly drifts closer to the stage as the night rolls on.  That wasn't the case here.  It was a real testament to the entertainment value of the show.

So next year, if they play, 3 of the must see acts include: the Pork Tornadoes, 8 Seconds, and Alisabeth Von Pressly.  And that's just the minimum. There were a bunch of other great groups.  These are just the ones that stood out.  This Friday is Gimmik, from Des Moines, and I've only heard great things about them.  One of the TOP performances of the season? We'll soon find out.  The thing is, you don't want to miss them if it is amazing.  Will we see you Friday night?

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