KCRG says that the Cedar Rapids Community School District has completed its restoration assessment following the August 10th derecho and has concluded it will be able to reopen all 21 of its elementary school buildings to in-person learning on September 21.

That was the date initially set as the first day of school following the storm, and the elementary school families who chose an in-person option are being told that their kids' schools will be ready to have them in the building.

The openings of these schools mean Harding, Wilson, and Roosevelt Middle Schools--which had been designated to host elementary students during the restoration periods at their schools--will themselves be ready to host in-person learning on the 21st to their middle school students whose families chose it.

According to KCRG, "the district said it is still working to make Franklin, McKinley, and Taft middle schools, as well as, Jefferson, Kennedy and Washington high schools accessible." Franklin, McKinley and Taft are projected to be ready November 16, with Kennedy, Jefferson and Washington to follow on January 4.

Online instruction continues for students at each respective school until their buildings can be opened, and families have until September 11 to change their Return to Learn choices. We will continue to follow the situation with schools and their restorations and reopening plans and follow up as new information is provided.

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