Including me. It's corny, it's cliche', but I am doing the job I've wanted to do ever since I was six. It's changed a LOT since then, and even since I started but it's still the best job.

Turns out, I am not alone. A new survey says 43 percent of people are doing exactly what they've dreamed of since childhood. 19 percent said they are doing what USED TO be their dream job. The Top 10 "dream jobs" that people say they are doing now are

  • Doctor or nurse
  • Lawyer.
  • Actor or actress.
  • Artist.
  • Teacher.
  • Singer or musician
  • Scientist
  • Dancer
  • Athlete
  • Writer

Some of the things people said influenced what became their dream job were childhood activities. If you were really good at sports, band, or theater chances your dream job had something to do with sports, music, or acting, even if it's just teaching or coaching.

Other things that influenced the "dream job" choice. The media we consumed (which was a lot less hostile back in my childhood), the jobs our parents had (for a little while I wanted to be a cop like my Dad but didn't really end up with the temperament for it), and the toys we played with (a radio...with songs and voices coming out of it. You can do that for a job? Bingo).

I was a pretty introverted dude growing up. Not really part of any clubs or sports past little league, so it always amazes people that I've ended up doing what I do. More people actually thought I'd become a writer, and ironically here we are, with writing a big part of my job now. What was your dream job and are you doing it or something like it. Let us know in the comments.

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