Although some people think it will at any moment.

I've been engaging in quite the social summer, if you haven't heard. It's been all about trying new things and breaking out of my comfort zone. I've done karaoke for the first and second time, and intend to go more. I got into the technology of smart phones, which didn't take a lot of courage, just a little bit of enlightenment.

I've gone to a lot more concerts, including one at which I sang on stage with the band (you know them as local favorites "Slap 'n Tickle"). I've made a lot of new friends, and strengthened bonds with existing ones in the process. Call it a midlife crisis. We prefer what we've dubbed it: "the Summer of Eric", and it's been a blast.

Yet, well-meaning people can be so worried about potential consequences that they want to rain on your/my parade. "Nothing good ever happens at 1 a.m.", they say. My first thought is, I beg to differ. My second thought is, staying out that late is rare anyway so relax. Unless you'd prefer the tense, uptight, moody bundle of joy I can become without enough playtime.

Until 4 months ago, I had the same concern, so I get it. But another residual effect of the "Summer of Eric" has been transitioning to a state of enjoying the present moment without worrying about what's coming next. I still get off-track on that one but I am learning.

The "Summer of Eric" stalled for a brief moment but it may be successfully getting back on track. Thanks to all the participants who've made it happen along the way. Thanks also to everyone who cares about me for worrying about me so much, but I'm pretty sure you know me better than what you're imagining. The right combination of fun and good judgement is the key.



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