I'm not perfect and that definitely includes when I'm driving. If I'm being honest with myself, that's likely even more likely when I'm driving. However, I have embraced technology in a car that another Iowa driver hasn't apparently and that's the beloved turn signal.

I should clarify that I don't like nags and really don't want to be one. It's gonna be difficult to not sound like a nag in this instance, but I'll try. I would prefer to offer this as a gentle open request for the driver who always ends up pulling in front of me on 380 to do something. For the love of all that is good could you please learn what a turn signal is for and apply it when appropriate.

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I'm not alone in my desire for the turn signal to become a thing here in Iowa. A few years ago a state trooper became a viral sensation for this very reason.

The last time we were traveling south on 380 I had one of my fellow Iowans jump into our lane without any warning and my wife (a native Iowan) casually said "that's just the way it is here" very matter of fact.

I'm not a road rage person. I generally don't get mad behind the wheel. But, to my fellow Iowan who can't embrace turn signals as a helpful item, he/she should also know that I'm not a psychic and can't read minds. I really don't know ahead of time that they're about to enter my space without them making that blinking light do its thing.

Is this a big issue? I would argue yes as it's a great way to begin a very bad accident. Maybe it's not for you and that's fine. I am convinced that we would all live a more full and happy Iowa life if we'd get to know that funny looking stick on the steering wheel column.

I will now shut up and get back in my lane.

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