For many of us, part of our nightly routine as children included brushing our teeth, getting tucked into bed, and listening to a bedtime story. One grandmother in Ankeny, Iowa is trying to bring that special part of our childhood routine back into our adult lives.

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Growing up, my favorite time of the day was storytime. I loved losing myself in a fun or inspirational story read to me by an enthusiastic adult. Maybe that's why I love podcasts so much...

However, reading to children is more than a sweet way to entertain and connect. It's is an important part of their personal and educational development as well. Not only does it rapidly improve their social and communication skills. According to one study, reading to your child 20 minutes a day can increase their lifetime earnings by more than $300,000.

Time to get reading...

Or find a grandma on Facebook to do it for you...

After scrolling through the social media platform I found Grandma Bette. She's a fun grandmother from Ankeny Iowa who is doing something very special. Every night the Iowa woman puts on her pajamas, surrounds herself with an army of stuffed animals, and reads a story.

However, this storytime goes live on Facebook.

Bette's granddaughter captures the older woman reading a children's story every night on Facebook Live. So far, the page has approximately 3,000 followers and this number seems to be rapidly growing with every new story.

Her page, Story Time With Grandma Bette might just be my new favorite follow yet. The description of the Facebook page reads,

"Do you wish your Mom or Grandma was here to read to you? No matter how young or old I think that want is understandable! My Grandma is the best lady in my life! She isn't just MY Grandma, she can be OUR Grandma!"

The Ankeny woman has been reading books to her loyal followers on Facebook for several months now. Her Facebook page has reached eager readers all over the country, not just here in the Hawkeye State.

Grandma Bette via Facebook
Grandma Bette via Facebook

You can even request a book for Grandma Bette to read as well as when you'd like her to read it on her Facebook page.

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