Christmas break is almost upon us for students and teachers at local schools!

We thank our area educators for their thankless work every day and hope they enjoy the well-deserved break coming up.

This week, we are picking our new Top Teacher, who earns a $25 Half-Price Books gift card and Collins Road Theatres movie passes. Our winner this month is from Longfellow Elementary School in Marion.

[Amy] Feeney is great at getting the kids in her class to want to learn. She figures out what the children like most and focus on that to expand their learning experience."

Nicholle Roberts nominated Ms. Feeney and you can nominate a special teacher, coach or administrator from you or your kids' school, by filling out the form below.

We'll continue following our entries during the holidays and return with a new winner in January. Enjoy your time off and please stay with us for the soundtrack to your holiday on 104-5 KDAT.

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