School is back in session and so is the weekly Top Teacher Award from 104.5 KDAT.

As a parent, student or co-worker, you are in touch with teachers who really make a profound difference in the lives of their students. Like water over a stone, teachers really do help shape our kids lives not only with study of facts and figures, but by example and conduct.

That makes you uniquely qualified to let us know of the positive impact a teacher is providing. You can nominate your favorite teacher and once each week we will salute them here on line and on the air at 104.5 KDAT.

We’ll randomly select and recognize a weekly 'Top Teachers' from all the nominations and we will reward them with a $25 gift card to Half Price Books.

Let's show our teachers how much we appreciate their dedication!

'Top Teachers' Submission

Use the form below to enter your favorite 'Top Teacher'.
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