A group of anti-mask protestors have been gathering outside of Novak Elementary School in Marion this week. The groups says that it wants people and parents to be able to choose whether or not their kids wear a mask, instead of having to follow a school mask mandate.

Kyle Hane, a parent of a student in the Linn-Mar school district told KCRG that "it's more about liberty, it's more about freedom...there are children that are afraid to be bullied, they don't want to wear a mask, but they're afraid they'll be bullied or kicked out." Other parents in the group were there to support the movement, but didn't have children enrolled in the Linn-Mar school district.

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Kate Hill told KCRG that she pulled her children out of school this year and began homeschooling them. She added that "I would never put a mask on my kids."

Across the street, another group of Novak Elementary parents and students gathered to support the staff and teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. Members of that group said that teachers have been asked to do the impossible this year. Prepare for classes online. Prepare for classes in person. The group protesting told KCRG that they want to be clear in that they support the teachers too.

When KCRG asked the protestors what they hoped to accomplish, they stated that they want to see school boards "completely overturned." And if the people on those school boards don't "wake up" they get booted off the board. The protestors say they plan to visit other schools, but have not said which one they're headed to next.

Linn-Mar School's mask mandate is in place for the remainder of this school year.


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