The eclipse of 2024, or as it was officially called, the solar eclipse of April 8, 2024, is now well in the past. Here in Iowa, it was very noticeable, but still only a partial eclipse. In other parts of the Midwest, Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana, the eclipse was much more pronounced.

But just because the eclipse is over and done, doesn't mean there aren't still stories coming out from the event.

"Flying" saucer spotted in Indiana

Indiana has been getting a lot of attention in Iowa lately. Iowa's homegrown megastar Caitlin Clark is now a member of the Indiana Fever WNBA team. She'll be shooting scoreboard-eclipsing shots starting next month. But it wasn't an alien looking to watch Clark up close that was spotted during the solar eclipse...

Thanks to a post I saw on our sister-site WKMI,I can share this mysterious UFO photo with you. Prepare yourself to see an otherworldly traveler looking to make contact with perhaps more intelligent human life forms...

Feast your eyes on a clear sign we have aliens among us...

And there it is... proof that aliens do not always fly. Sometimes, like the rest of us, they simply drive their "flying" saucer down the interstate. Perhaps the cost of plutonium is simply too much. Perhaps they wish to better blend in with us humanoids. Or, as logic would dictate, someone made a UFO-looking vehicle and decided to have some fun.

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Just to be safe, I wouldn't suggest cutting him off if he makes his way to an interstate closer to us. You never know what sort of futuristic weaponry our alien friend may have.

Keep your eyes on the sky! Or, the interstate. You may see little green men commuting.

H/T: Mark Frankhouse WKMI - Kalamazoo, MI.

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