I've picked up a few things over the past year that I wish I wouldn't have started.  I gained a bunch of weight back, mostly due to working from home.  That's where I keep all my food!  So, of course I'm going to jump into the pantry from time to time.  A bit more than when I traveled to the Rock & Roll Mansion.

Another one we're trying to break is the screen addiction we gave our son.  At the beginning it was "Dad's working from home and I have NO idea how to do that...so, you sit upstairs and do whatever you want."  Then it became..."This is his only communication with friends".  Now it's...wow...we have broken our kid.

The good news is, I'm sleeping great!  Just the right amount, I'd say.

But don't worry...if you're trying to break a habit you picked up last year, you're not alone.  Over 60% of people are trying to break unhealthy pandemic habits.

According to a recent survey by ValuePenguin, 61% of us have picked up "unhealthy" habits that we're trying to break.  They include "too much screen time," poor eating habits, and sleeping too much or too little.


The good news is that 65% of Americans have also developed a HEALTHY pandemic habit that they plan to continue.  These are things like washing your hands more frequently, being better connected with friends and family, staying home when you're sick, and wearing a mask when sick to protect others.

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