I once heard lead singer Mike Score of A Flock of Seagulls talking about hating to perform "I Ran (So Far Away)". He just wants to move on. OK. We'll play more "Space Age Love Song" and all those other massive hits you had, like...uh...um...err...yeah. The same goes for Bobby McFerrin with "Don't Worry Be Happy".

We as fans might shake our heads as to how they could not enjoy playing OUR favorite songs anymore, but when you think about it, it could easily get old performing them night after night, sometimes multiple times each night, for decades on the road.

It turns out, there's a slew of other artists in the same boat, and People magazine tracked some of them down.


  • R.E.M.-"Shiny Happy People"

    This song was HUGE and EVERYWHERE in the early '90s. It was also quite a departure from their typically angsty, dark body of work and lead singer Michael Stipe hates it and blames the record company for demanding a more up-tempo song. I still think it's pretty catchy.

  • Miley Cyrus-"Party in the U.S.A"

    She says she didn't write the song and it doesn't fit her voice or personality. It was also meant as a tie-in to her clothing line at the time. It's become an unofficial 4th of July anthem and gets played a lot this time of year, so she might soon add that to the list of reasons to hate it.

  • Lady GaGa-"Telephone"

    She hates performing it due to the "emotional connection" it evokes in her. She had a stressful time with the actual recording of it.

  • Beastie Boys-"(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party)"

    It was supposed to be a PARODY of the rebelling-against-your parents party song, not a real one, or so they claim. When they found out people thought they were serious, they quit performing it. Makes zero sense to me.

  • Madonna-"Like a Virgin"

    I can't even. She plays it in concert because she has to, but she's bored with it. She better hang onto the success of this one and embrace it because it isn't being matched lately, that's for sure.

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