For the past few days, country singer Hailey Whitters has been teasing some big news. Wednesday at midnight, Hailey finally shared that news: not only did she drop a new song, but she's also getting ready to release a new project!

Hailey's new song is called "I'm in Love," and it's all about... well, being in love! Like all of Hailey's music, "I'm in Love" has a very traditional country sound. You can check out the new track below:

The new song is part of a new project, also titled I'm in Love, which is due out on July 28th. That's all we know right now, but we're excited to see what else she has in the works!

Hailey has her first top 20 country radio hit right now, and we could not be more proud! "Everything She Ain't" has been making its way up the charts and introducing people all over the world to our Shueyville, Iowa native. In fact, she caught the attention of Billboard, who posted an entire article about her yesterday (July 11th)! The article outlines her long journey from Iowa to Nashville and the song that finally caught the music industry's attention, "10 Year Town." Since the song's release back in 2019, Hailey's star has continued to rise, and all her hard work paid off when she was awarded New Female Artist of the Year at this year's ACM Awards. We couldn't be happier that she is finally getting all the love and recognition that she deserves!

Check out the full article from Billboard HERE.

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