Iowa's favorite actor Ashton Kutcher is launching a new reality TV series called "Going From Broke".

It's a transformation to redemption concept that follows a cast meeting young adults and assisting them in making decisions that help them climb out of debt and set them on their way to a better financial future.

The ten series episodes are available free on Sony Crackle starting today. Hosts Dan Rosensweig and Danetha Doe work with young people to get them out of debt.

The Crackle website says "from Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment and executive producer Ashton Kutcher comes a new series to help millennials overcome their crippling finances"

Crackle TV
Crackle TV

While a personal finance reality show is not a completely new idea, this series gets a jump start due to it's star investor Ashton Kutcher. It is no secret that this guy's heart is in the right place.

This is a TV reality show that actually HELPS people help themselves, instead of just rewarding them for a "game well played".

Thanks Ashton, and good luck on the success of the show.

And best wishes to the people you're helping along the way.

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