She may be a basketball star but Caitlin Clark is impacting the bird world too.

Arconic's EagleCam is an ongoing livestream of a bald eagle's nest that was built near the factory in 2010. Since then, 35 million people have watched the eagle parents, Justice and Liberty, raise and send off 16 eaglets. Those birds were named Freedom, Spirit, Faith, Hope, Honor, Glory, Rudy, Star, Sky, Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Windy and Storm, according to Arconic.

Now, there are two new baby eagles in the nest with Justice and Liberty and they have very timely Iowa names.

Meet (curled up in the back of the nest in this pic) Caitlin and Clark.

Arconic EagleCam
Arconic EagleCam

Arconic spokesman John Riches told WHBF that Caitlin and Clark got their names after 400 public votes were cast on what to name the little birds and 36% wanted to name them after the basketball star. Other pair options included:

  • Diver & Hunter
  • Thunder & Lightning
  • Swift & River
  • Pride & Joy

Riches said the eaglets came into the world on March 31st and April 4th.

Caitlin and Clark won't hang around for long. Typically, mid-late March is when eagle eggs hatch. Then, the eaglets are ready to fly the nest ("fledge") in late May or early June. And hopefully, back in time for next January when we see the bald eagles all along the river dams.

You can watch the livestream of Arconic's EagleCam on their website.

Meanwhile, the real Caitlin Clark is continuing to make history, making her WNBA debut with the Indiana Fever.

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