In addition to the warmer temperatures and the ice melt we have one more thing to look forward to. The Arconic eagles, Liberty and Justice have their first egg to protect.

Or at least we're pretty sure. I follow the Arconic Eagle Cam Facebook page and we have some eagle eyes (punny huh?) on the nest which is home to parents Liberty and Justice. Judging by their behavior, it looks like mom Liberty is keeping an egg warm. Here's video from an eagle watcher on the Arconic web cam.

It takes 35 days for the eaglet to hatch. Usually there are at least two and sometimes three eggs laid within a few days of each other.

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According to the Arconic Eagle Cam website, Liberty and Justice have been at the Arconic next for about 12 years and have successfully fledged more than sixteen eaglets from the nest. Last year's derecho demolished some of the next, but the determined couple has rebuilt. Here's where you can watch the eagle cam.

If all goes well, we should see at least one eaglet around April 4, 2021. Here's the Arconic Eagle Cam Facebook page with posts from bird lovers. If you can't watch the camera during your workday, these knowledgeable folks find cam highlights, post videos and photos and share helpful information about these great birds.

Each year Arconic reaches out to Quad Citians to name the birds. Maybe one of these human names could fit,

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