In 2021 few things are certain. One thing that is certain, your local bar is short-staffed. It's hard for any eatery or... drinkery, to retain employees. So with that in mind, as thirsty patrons, there are a few simple things we can do to make our bartender's and barbacks' lives more simple, with hopes they will remain at their job.

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Unwritten rules for bar patrons

I enjoy going out to eat alone, and will often sit at the bar. I've got some simple "rules" we can allow follow to help our the employees. These are unofficial for sure, but I've chatted with bartenders to get their thoughts.

1. Don't wave your money at the bartender. They hate that, so just try to make eye contact as it's more polite, and be patient. If they still ignore you, a slight hand wave is okay.

2. If it's crowded, have your drink order ready. Especially if you're getting drinks for multiple people. Don't be the person who finally gets the bartender's attention, THEN ask their friends what they want.

3. Don't be a 'gerbil.' That's the term for a person who nervously shreds napkins on the bar. And if you do it by mistake, don't try to clean it up by putting the pieces in an empty glass. A plate is better, so the staff doesn't have to dig the pieces out.

4. Stay clear of the 'service' area. It's the part of the bar where waiters order drinks for customers.  When bars are crowded, people try to order from there a lot. But you're usually just wasting your time. They won't take your order, they will just tell you to move.

5. When you play the jukebox, play to the crowd. Don't pick a deep track no one knows. Try to play stuff other people will like too.

As always, tip well too!

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