Hear me out, because I am the LAST person to wish away summer, and I am not even CLOSE to being ready to think about winter. The "unofficial final weekend of summer" is in the rearview mirror as Labor Day has come and gone, and the keyword is just that. "Unofficial". Summer isn't over until September 22, THEN it will be time to start thinking about your pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween costumes.

It still won't be time for snow preparation, but the city of Cedar Rapids is certainly thinking about it and suggests you start too. The Farmers' Almanac already predicts a glacial, snow-filled winter for Iowa. According to Iowa's News Now, they're sending out the call for volunteers to help with the "Snow Buddies" program. This program pairs residents with physical limitations and limited resources, with people willing to do the work of clearing sidewalks of snow and ice this winter.

The City of Cedar Rapids is taking applications for the program now.

Applicants must reside in Cedar Rapids, be 65 years or older and/or have a disability, and qualify under the income guidelines to be considered for the program. A single-person household can earn up to $31,300 and a two-person household can earn up to $35,800 a year to be eligible.

Learn more here from the City of Cedar Rapids website.

You'll be thinking a lot in the coming months about preparing your home for the cold weather, and we've got you covered on another important item. We've joined King Construction to help you get your garage door in tip-top shape. One lucky listener will be chosen on September 16 to win a FREE overhead garage door plus installation. Just sign up here.

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On January 31, 2019, the mercury in Cedar Rapids hit -30. That's the actual temperature that morning, which set the new record for the coldest temperature in Cedar Rapids history, with records dating back to 1893. The previous all-time record low temperatures for the city was -29 on January 15, 2009.

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