Has it Ever Snowed in Iowa in July?
Snow in the summer months? Has it ever happened in Iowa? NOPE. Not even close. Not just in July, but there has never been documented snow in June, July, or August anywhere in Iowa.
In Waterloo, it has NEVER been colder than 42* in July. (7/7/1984) Since 1950, Waterloo has only experienced 25 days in …
What are the Chances that it will Snow in April?
April showers are supposed to bring May Flowers, but what about April SNOW showers? Yeah, it's possible.
Since 1895, there's only been 31 years where is has NOT snowed in the month of April in Waterloo.
However, the NWS Climate Prediction Center says that April will begin with a warm up:
Above-normal t…
How Much Snow Will We Get?
Ah yes, snow in March. Fun stuff, right? The record amount of snow to fall on March 15th in Waterloo is 9.5." That record was set in 1923 and I think it's safe that record will hold.
However, it's quite likely that after this storm system rolls through, it will be the sec…
**Updated Friday 3/12 at 5 AM**
Mother Nature can be cruel.
After setting record high temperatures in parts of Iowa on both Tuesday and Wednesday, there’s a chance that the state could get drilled by Winter Weather early next week…seriously...
USA has Most Snow Coverage Since Records Began
The amount of snow encompassing the United States this week is wild. As Iowans, we are accustomed to dealing with deep drifts and bitter cold every winter. But other parts of the nation are not. As of 2/16, 73% of the country had snow on the ground...
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