Cedar Rapids Beer Summit is Saturday, March 11! We've got about 100 different beers, ales, ciders, stouts, and more that you can sample to your heart's content. If you buy your tickets ahead of time, it's just $35 for 3 hours of unlimited sampling.

So how do you keep track of what is available to sample, as well as what you've tried already? As they say, there's an app for that. Head to your app store and download the free "America On Tap" app.  It's your complete guide to the event.  You can sort by brewery or beer styles, get a quick description of the beer, and then rate it right there.  Sweet!

I know I personally hate when you're at one of these events, find your new favorite beer, but by the end, you can't remember what it was, let alone where your buddy said to meet for your ride home...  The app takes care of that. As you rate the beers, it saves them in your "My Beers" list. Now that's what I'm talking about.

The app will also keep you informed of other events, and you'll be in the know the next time they come to the area. You can even get directions to the event, and order your tickets right there in case you don't have them already. Talk about a lifesaver.  So download the free app today. Just search "America on Tap" in your app store.


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