People always talk about how important it is to match the right food with the right wine, but you don't always hear the same conversation being had about the right beer and food combinations. There's a handy guideline that really helps and it's called "the 3 C's".

  • Cut

    When talking about food and beer combinations, the concept of "cut" simply means to choose a beer that "cuts" through the flavor of the food you've eaten. As you might have experienced after a spicy meal, such as wings, Mexican dishes or anything with, say, jalapenos, water will not provide quick relief from the spiciness like beer will, due to the latter's carbonation and bitterness. A hoppy beer like an IPA (Indian Pale Ale) is suggested.

  • Complement

    You might get a few compliments about your increasingly outgoing personality, which may in turn also help you give a few compliments, after you've had a few beers. That's not the kind of complement this refers to. Simply put, it means you want to match the food with the same kind of beer.  Chocolate beer, chocolate cake. Cherry pie, cherry wheat ale and so on.

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  • Contrast

    Things that don't seem like they should go together, often do when it comes to food and beer pairings. If someone tells you a certain beer wouldn't go well with a certain food, as Rod Stewart once said, "be courageous and be brave". Try it anyway. You never know how it might turn out until you try it.

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