One of the smartest moves that one chef ever made was when he or she combined my three favorite things: cheese, bread, and sauce, thus making pizza!

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I don't know about you, but I'm very protective and particular when it comes to my favorite pizza joint. I know what I like and I know what I don't like! However, I'm always willing to check out different options so I can try something new.

It's tough picking a pizza place in Waterloo because there are so many great options. Luckily, there is a way to calculate the very best and most esteemed restaurant for this delicasy...

Foad Roshan, Unsplash
Foad Roshan, Unsplash

According to Trip Advisor, the best rated spots for a slice of pizza include a combination of local and chain restaurants. The restaurant that sits at the number one spot is...

Basal Pizza!

Located at 225 West 4th Street in Waterloo, Basal is rated a 4.5/5 according to their Trip Advisor page. This eatery is also ranked as the third best restaurant in Waterloo, according to the same site.

There are plenty of other good spots to grab a slice in Waterloo. Here are the rest of the top ten pizza places in Waterloo...

Bitten slice of pizza in the hands of the person close-up. The man in a purple T-shirt with well-groomed hands is eating pepperoni pizza

1. Basal Pizza

2. Your Pie

3. Mama Nick's Circle Pizzeria

4. Lighthouse Lounge

5. Godfather's Pizza

6. Domino's Pizza

7. Other Place

8. Casey's

9. Pizza Hut

10. Marco's Pizza

Casey's/Google Maps

Over the past year, the Cedar Valley has seen some major growth. Several new spots have opened this past summer in Cedar Falls. A take-out-friendly restaurant called  Carter House opened right next to the Black Hawk Hotel. In addition, a restaurant located in the same spot as Santa's Workshop in Cedar Falls just opened its doors, it's called Georges.

ICON Donut, a popular spot in Waterloo expanded and opened a Cedar Falls bakery at the end of November.

Courtesy of ICON Donuts via IG
Courtesy of ICON Donuts via IG

Waterloo is also seeing rapid growth with several different businesses moving to the area. Several different food trucks are staking a claim to the city with brick-and-mortar locations. Big Head Burger opened in September. Located at 324 W 4th Street in Downtown Waterloo, has all the same delicious items that were served at the food truck.

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