Waterloo Might Be Getting A Drive-In Theater
Residents in Waterloo won't have to be as nostalgic for nights at the drive-in if things go according to plan. As reported in the Waterloo Courier, a permit for a drive-in movie theater at the National Cattle Congress has been recommended.
Waterloo Woman Wins Big Lottery Prize
Another day, another Waterloo resident winning the lottery. I don't know what's in the water, but I need a big gulp. Just last week another Waterloo woman won $100,000 dollars from a scratch off ticket book. Now, another one is winning because she thought the game had an interesting look.
The 48th RAGBRAI will take place from July 25th to the 31st this summer. Officials for the 426-mile-ling ride are working with the local towns to make sure that everyone can safely enjoy RAGBRAI this year. There is currently a COVID-19 mitigation strategy in the works for everyone involved in the ev…

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