Well, here we are.  We finally made it to 2021!  I'm sure by now you're sick of seeing stories about New Year's Resolutions and what you need to do to make them successful.  Tips and tricks from the "experts" on how to be the best version of yourself.  Let's face it, even if you do make a resolution, and research shows that over 50% of americans do, less than 10% of us will keep them for more than a couple months. We all start out with good intentions, but life gets in the way.  Whether it be school, work, kids, or all three, its just really hard to stick to them.  We all feel guilty and feel like failures after it all goes to pieces.

Here's an idea.  Let's skip the disappointment of it all, and just focus on the positives.  I'm going to give you a list of common New Year's resolutions that are the best ones to start, simply because they are the best ones to quit!  You heard it right, I'm going to tell you what promises might just be better off if you break them!

  • Exercise and Eating Healthy - This is the #1 resolution for people starting off a new year.  Of course we all want to get healthier, but its sooo damn hard!  Benefits of trying for a couple months and then failing?  The food you were depriving yourself from is going to taste so much better!  Ever eaten a fresh donut after not having sugar for three months?  Heaven....
  • Cutting Back on Alcohol Intake - This one would be especially hard during lock down anyways since that's about all we can do anymore.  Good thing about not drinking for a while and then starting back up?  You're tolerance is down, and you don't have to drink as much to get drunk.  Both efficient and frugal!  Which leads me to my next point.
  • Saving Money- We all know we need to be grown ups and save for the future.  Save for kid's college, save for retirement, but saving money is so lame!  Here's an idea, pretend to save for retirement for a couple months, bag that idea, and then buy yourself a bitchin' flat screen instead!

Bottom line?  We are all out here just being the best humans we can be every day.  Some days we succeed, and some days we fail.  Its all well and good to make resolutions for the new year, and I truly hope that it works out for everyone, but please don't beat yourself up too much about it.  Just be happy you tried.  I didn't even do that.  There's always next year!

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