I feel like I've read stories like this on the internet countless amounts of times, but I've never been this closely related before. A friend of mine has been sharing the interesting things he's been spotting on his trail camera lately, and he had a real doozie this week.

At 2:34 am on August 25th he had what appeared to be a Bigfoot walking past his trail camera located in central Minnesota near St Cloud. With it being just past a full moon there was plenty of light at night, and at only 60 degrees overnight it was prime time for a large hairy creature to be wandering about.

My friend had just last week shown me a photo of a bear this same camera location had caught, and my first reaction was to think this was an upright bear. But this is how a bear appears in photos:

TSM Staff
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Obviously, a bear looks completely different.

The "Bigfoot" in question appears blurry in the trail camera photo above, which checks out. Photos of these creatures are always blurry. But the trail cam also caught this photo:


We can officially debunk this Bigfoot sighting as a human in a Bigfoot suit. Those tie closures are clear as day. I asked my friend if he had any idea who this person is, and he didn't even have a guess.

So while it is disappointing that this isn't an actual sighting of Bigfoot, it's even more disappointing that there could potentially be a trespassing issue. Remember kids, trespassing is considered a misdemeanor in Minnesota, and a person convicted of a misdemeanor can be sentenced to up to 90 days in jail and/or a $1,000 fine. A hefty price to pay for a prank.

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