It's one of the many mysteries of the world. Is Bigfoot real? Most people are skeptics, but some people believe this creature exists. And these supposed Bigfoot sightings around eastern Iowa make us question things even more.

The Bigfoot Researchers Organization tracks sightings all over the country. Looking at Iowa, there have been about 76 listings of Bigfoot activity in the state.The counties in yellow below are where activity has been reported.

Bigfoot field researchers organization
Bigfoot field researchers organization

As you can see, there's been some pretty close sightings here in eastern Iowa. There were "multiple sightings on family property near Cascade" in Dubuque county in November 2015-April 2016. The report states:

"Well in total I've had 5 encounters the first one being about a year ago I was bow hunting and this big hairy man like thing just came up and sat right under my tree stand I was thinking about shooting him but I didn't want to scare him out of the country so I sat there quiet as possible then he just got up and trotted off. The second encounter was 5 months ago I was riding on my four wheeler and I went past a big patch of woods and he just stood there and watched me. The third encounter was 2 months ago I was driving home from work and he was retreating into the woods by a telephone pole. The fourth encounter was about 5 days after the third encounter and the bigfoot was walking through one of our old knocked down barns and I was out on my porch just watching him and he looked at me then he ran off and hurdled a five foot barbwire fence. The last encounter was just about three days ago and he was going down a trail in our woods".

And that's just one person's experience. Now, anyone can report a sighting so it's really up to you if you believe it or not. Reports of Bigfoot activity have also occurred in Clayton, Fayette, and several other Iowa counties. You can take a deep dive into the Bigfoot data to see where else reports have been made here.

What do you think? Could Bigfoot be real? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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