This delicious beast is one of many large and uncommon creations coming out of one of Chicago's fastest and smallest kitchens.

Have you ever laid eyes on a photo or watched a video of food and you can actually taste what you see?

You're watching someone else look so happy eating that food and you start to feel jealous. "I want that to be me", you say to yourself.

The Burger I Can't Wait to Devour

Bust Outs Facebook
Bust Outs Facebook
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I regularly get that jealous feeling when I see photos and videos of people enjoying some of the world's best cuisine in Chicago. I have so many Instagram posts saved of food from joints around Chicago.

Because of that fact, the few times I make it into Chicago, too much time is spent trying to decide where to go.

This big burger just shot to the top of my list. Never mind the best deep-dish pizza in Chicago, or the most expensive steakhouse in the Windy City, I want this. I WANT IT NOW!

The Biggest (and Possibly the Sloppiest) Burger in Chicago

Thank God my IG scroll showed me this.

The Loop Burger from Bust Outs in Chicago.

Bust Outs Facebook
Bust Outs Facebook

Between those potato brioche buns are two Angus patties, double cheddar, double mozzarella, double potato patty, double smoked bacon, an egg, grilled onions, chopped chives, topped with Mike's Hot Honey sauce

Watch this beauty being made.

Bust Outs is located in a tiny corner building at 5200 N Elston Avenue in Chicago (corner of Elston and Foster). They just opened in late 2023 and already they've built quite a reputation for the size of their burgers (and chicken sandwiches), and also for the names of these creations.

Bust Outs Facebook, Google Maps, Canva
Bust Outs Facebook, Google Maps, Canva

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They call the sandwiches and burgers, "L" avated. Each one has a topping and a name to match a train.

If you think you can handle all the photos and videos of this food, follow Bust Outs on Instagram. I can't watch anymore, it's like punishing myself until the next time I get to Chicago.

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