This time of year, my stomach craves one thing: a Reuben sandwich. That's because St. Patrick's Day is basically here.

Sure, some of us crave corned beef in other ways. Whether it's on marble rye bread in the form of a Reuben sandwich, paired with cabbage or hash, a lot of corned beef will be consumed thanks to the holiday.

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Since Reuben sandwiches are a popular dish around this time, we've created a list to help satisfy your Irish cravings and find the best Reuben sandwiches in the area.

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How Irish is the Reuben Sandwich?

According to, the Reuben sandwich isn't as Irish as you think it is. The sandwich was thought to be created in Omaha, Nebraska mid-poker game. But the corned beef has some Irish roots, kind of.

The Irish-corned beef relationship is considered to be much more Irish-American than it is purely Irish.

Either way, we'll happily fill our tummies with a delicious Reuben made in the Quad Cities to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland.


How Did You Make the List of Best Reubens in the Quad Cities Area?

Because many people really enjoy chowing down on a classic Reuben sandwich, we thought we would create a list of the best places to get a Reuben in the Quad Cities and surrounding areas.

It's hard to look up who has the best Reuben on popular websites like Yelp or scan through all of the reviews on every restaurant's social media pages.

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We asked everyone at the radio station to name their favorite places to get a Reuben, we checked popular delis in the Quad Cities area, and I ate a lot of Reubens in the past month to get a good judge on things. Essentially, it's our opinion and our opinion is really good, trust us.

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The Best Reubens in the Quad Cities

Congrats to all of the restaurants who made our list. If you think a different restaurant should be added for next year, send us an email.

In the meantime, happy St. Patrick's Day, Quad Cities, and enjoy those Reubens!

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