What do you do if you're a bear and you need some fast weekend cash? Apparently the answer is you mosey into Dubuque and stop by a credit union if a new photo share is accurate.

The DuTrac Community Credit Union shared this special wildlife spotting on their Facebook page.

This isn't the first sighting of these apex predators in Iowa this year. You might remember a driver who shared video of a bear crossing the road ahead of him north of Dubuque recently.

We also mentioned that Iowa Department of Natural Resources predicted that bears populations among us were likely to increase. It looks like you can put a check in that box.

Iowa doesn't have any protections in place for bears, but they don't recommend harming the animals as long as they are not a direct threat to humans or livestock. The general rule for safety around bears is that you keep a distance of 100 yards or more between you and them. But, when they're in front of you in line at the credit union ATM, that can be a challenge.

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