Pitbull's new music video with Blake Shelton is pretty spicy, but the country singer keeps his hands to himself. The rapper dropped a very Miami-centric new video for "Get Ready" and Shelton is all over it.

Find "Get Ready" on Pitbull's upcoming Get Ready album. The song samples "Black Betty" by the classic rock group Ram Jam until the well-known Miami-based rapper adds his club-centric verses. Pool scenes in the music video find Mr. Worldwide dancing among bikini-clad women eager to show off their curves.

Shelton's scenes take place in a wood-walled honky-tonk setting, with a jukebox and blue jean short-wearing women dancing all around him. He sings the song's chorus and grooves with a country kind of enthusiasm — let's face it, Shelton is no Pitbull on the dance floor. Exterior views of the new Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Fla., place the two singers in south Florida for the video, although it's not clear if the interior scenes were shot there.

The "Get Ready" music video opens on a country front porch, a scene set up to recall Shelton's own property. Pitbull comments how they're far from the 305, the area code that includes Miami.

"Pit, welcome to the countryside," Shelton responds.

This is at least the second country collaboration for Pitbull. In 2016 he joined Keith Urban on "Sun Don't Let Me Down," an album cut from Urban's Ripcord album. There the funky country song dominated until the rapper added a breakdown toward the end.

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