It happens to the best of us: it's a few days away from payday and you haven't gone grocery shopping in over a week. You're broke, hungry, and all your usual food-standards have gone out the window. You need to make something for dinner, but you have very few options. So what do you do? You get creative!

The other day I was cleaning out my fridge, and by the time I was done all I had was eggs, shredded cheese, pickle spears, almond milk, slightly expired bread, and some condiments. With very few options, I made my go-to broke meal, which consists of scrambled eggs with cheese on toast. I wouldn't say it's a gourmet meal, but it gets the job done when I don't have the money to go grocery shopping! I've also been known to microwave a couple of hotdogs, throw some cheese on there, and fold up some bread to use as a bun.

Do you have a go-to broke meal? We asked this question on Facebook this week and we compiled some of them into what we're calling 'Brain & Courtlin's Broke Cookbook!' Here are some of our favorites:

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