Working in downtown Cedar Rapids, one of my favorite places to grab lunch prior to the pandemic was a spot on the lower level of the Alliant Energy building (200 First St. SE), less than two blocks from the radio station.

I've been excited to see a few of their Facebook posts counting down to a grand re-opening of sorts for Fresh Deli & Grill and I am excited to say it's happening!

They will open Monday, August 9, and just in time for a nice remaining warm summer and hopefully very comfortable Fall, they have premiered a new outdoor dining area they're rightfully bragging about on Facebook.

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Fresh Deli & Grill-Facebook
Fresh Deli & Grill via Facebook

My favorite thing to get there has always been the salad bar, with all the fixings for a great old-school salad you can make a meal itself out of and a soup and potato bar alongside it. Unfortunately, that may not be back right away, but I asked on Facebook and they will offer pre-made to-go salads to start with and have a regular food and entree' menu too. That menu sounds like it will have some good items when it opens, but they are not unveiling it or the new online ordering system they've installed until they open on Monday. Visit their website for more details starting Monday.

Their hours will be 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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