The pandemic and derecho have claimed another business that will not reopen in Cedar Rapids.

A popular spot for college students, downtown and MedQuarter workers alike, the owners of Brewed Awakenings have announced that 1271 1st Ave. SE shop, near Coe, will close permanently.

Larry and Junetta Janda were the most recent owners for the past eight years, when the pandemic forced them to close in March. They were apparently trying to sell the business, but no prospective buyers have come through, according to the Gazette.

A Facebook post from the Jandas noted "an attempt was made to sell the business to any buyer at a discounted price, but no one stepped up to the plate. Sorry, but one of the best coffee shops in the Corridor is gone. Thank you so much for your past business"

It's not the first local coffee shop to make a change. The decision came recently by the Blue Strawberry Coffee Company to close in downtown Cedar Rapids and go online-only. They seem to be having early success with that model, but it's sad what 2020 has brought about for so many people and locally-owned businesses who couldn't withstand two different types of disasters stacked on top of each other. We wish the best to the Jandas and hope to see something special become of the former location of Brewed Awakenings Coffeehouse soon.

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