In June, Evan Suchomel and Damien Lindsey went out on a limb and opened a new vintage clothing store in Cedar Falls.

The pair had discussed the idea for years since they bonded over their love of vintage clothing while in class together at UNI, and thus, Square One Vintage was born. The crew now sells vintage hats, concert band tees, jerseys and anything else they can get their hands on that fits the brand of the store.

To their own surprise, the store has had so much business since it opened that they've had trouble keeping their shelves full.

This is what Evan told me in an interview this week:

We just can't keep anything in stock right now. We have nothing in the back, everything is out on the floor -- (the amount of people that have come in) has been crazy. I don't even know how to explain it.

Located at 100 E 2nd St Suite 105 in Cedar Falls, the shared dream became a reality just over a month after Suchomel earned his degree in graphic design from UNI. Lindsey has one semester left.

For Suchomel and Lindsey, the idea of opening their own store had been shuffled around for years after they met in class and bonded over their shared love of vintage clothing.

Suchomel said that things came together suddenly this spring, and they decided to see what they could do:

This space (where we have the store) opened up and we decided within a week that we should go for it. ... I wanted to stay in Cedar Falls, everything just kind of lined up, and we just decided 'Why not?'

The continued growth they've seen since taking the opportunity has been on the back of old-fashioned marketing, too. Suchomel adds this:

As hard as it is to believe, I think word of mouth has been (the reason we've had so much business). We don't really boost any of our posts on Instagram or anything. And we ask people all the time 'How'd you hear about us?' and they'll say 'Oh, my friend told me.' ... Instagram has been good, but I'd say word of mouth has been bigger.

Instagram is how I found Square One and after connecting with Evan and seeing the passion he and Damien bring to the table, I love the clothing and the store even more.

The duo also puts a large emphasis on the local market, specifically on their alma mater UNI, and the athletics programs there. When they find vintage Northern Iowa sports t-shirts, crewnecks, and sometimes game-worn jerseys, they snatch it up and stock it in their store.

They've had such luck promoting the store and UNI gear that they've even had the opportunity to strike an NIL deal with current Panther basketball guard, Bowen Born.

Evan made sure to share that they'll be prepared for when the college students return to Cedar Falls for school, too:

We're working on a big restock for back-to-school time, so like, football season. We're going to have a lot of UNI stuff in stock about a month from now.

I'll definitely be there for that, and I'm sure the folks on and around campus will flock to Square One Vintage, too.

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