The 2018 Cannonball Run Motorcycle Ride is about to get underway, and the cross-country trek will feature a stop in the corridor! But this is no ordinary bike trip. The motorcycles used can't be newer than 1929! Those are some classic wheels!

The Cannonball Run kicks off in Portland, Maine on September 7th, and will wrap up in Portland, Oregon sixteen days later. That is over 3,600 miles on bikes that were produced before World War 2! It's known as the most difficult antique bike ride in the world and riders from around the nation and six other countries are set to ride.

Fans of vintage motorcycles are invited to come out and see the bikes as they make numerous stops on their cross-country expedition. One of those stops will be in Anamosa, Iowa. The travelers will roll into Anamosa on September 13th and have dinner at the National Motorcycle Museum. It will be a fitting setting for the group of vintage bikers. If you're wondering about the route that bikes this old take, less than 10 miles will be on interstate highways and less than 1 mile on urban interstates. Some of the older bikes don't go faster than 50 miles per hour.

For a complete schedule and route that the bikes will take, you can visit




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