A locally-owned business has made the season brighter and safer for one Cedar Rapids woman. Ahead of the robust winter season upon us, she believed she'd be stuck without transportation for the upcoming months after her car window broke.

Bridge Under The Bridge came to the rescue

Bridge Under the Bridge is a nonprofit organization that was began by a Cedar Rapids couple in the days after the August 25, 2020 derecho. The Robinsons spent their time serving free meals to those in need after the devastation of the storm. It has grown to something so much bigger as according to KCRG, an Eastern Iowa woman came to their Facebook page with a problem and a request for help.

The elderly woman, whose name was not disclosed, is a regular patron of Bridge Under The Bridge's services. When learning about her dilemma, co-founder Bridgette Williams-Robinson stepped in. "She has medical issues, so getting back and forth from doctor’s appointments, making sure she has a hot meal every day, it kind of matters a lot for her. Now that it’s cold, it matters even more because getting out and about when you’re older is harder to do when it’s cold outside."

A local repair shop did the fix for free

So that the woman could make her medical appointments safely without worrying about expense or transportation, another Bridge Under The Bridge follower sent word to Tuffy Auto Services in Cedar Rapids. Manager Chris Moore worked with his vendors and parts suppliers to make sure this service could be provided, and as all were completely on board, the repair got completed last Friday at 1:30 p.m. Moore was more than happy to fulfill a need for this incredibly grateful community member.

It’s just something that, it just felt right. We’ve been through a heck of a year this last year and everybody’s struggling in one way or another and it just felt like the right thing to do. She probaly said "thank you" about 100 times and you can tell she really appreciated it

This is the spirit of Iowa

We call it "Iowa nice" and it shows how simply reaching out can often bring you the help you need in our community. But this is likely to be the first of many such amazing stories of folks helping each other this holiday season, and we can't wait to share more of them with you.

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