Granny Vs Daddy

It starts with an elderly woman who has barged into the father's garage shouting "You son of a bitch!"

She then threatens to report her neighbor's kids to the HOA for their sidewalk chalk art.

As the elderly woman and the father of the children argue, he asks for an explanation as to why it bothers her. Granny bluntly states that it's because their art "looks like sh*t."

In the video, the older woman, whose real name is Caroline, asks to talk to the mother of the children, "Where's your wife? She's a nice person. She talks nice. Where is Jeanine? Can you get her out here?"

The husband replies. "No, I cannot, get out of my house please."

The elderly man, who we assume is the old woman's husband, looks to be holding onto her and pulling her away as she gets more frustrated.

At one point in the argument, she leans over and puts her hand on the man's car. He promptly tells her to stop touching his car, in which she drags her hand down the windows.


Who's Side Are You On?

Some viewers are siding with the family with children, saying that the street chalk is harmless and she is overreacting.

Others are siding with the elderly woman, thinking maybe she has dementia and the family should just respect her.

It is not known if the woman has dementia, but this is the argument commenters are making for her attitude toward the chalk art.

Here Is More Video Of The Argument



  • "I want to see Jeanine too."
  • "This poor husband has been dealing with this for 50 years. She must have been all that back in the day."
  • "The old people who invented hopscotch are now all angry about sidewalk chalk. Good grief."
  • "She's old. She could have dementia. Calm Down. Cripes."
  • "The husband's face when she kept putting her hand on the car. Lol. He is in complete shock. He said oh no she didn't, I can't stop her now. Haha"
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