When I say candy corn, you will either respond, "yes please!" Or, you have some demon-induced visceral reaction. Iowans either love or hate candy corn. There's simply no in-between. I am in the "love" camp, for the record. Depending on if you're a fan or foe of the stuff will impact your thoughts on this story.

Ferrara Candy hit by hackers

Ferrara Candy, the company that owns candy corn producer Brach's, suffered a major ransomware hack earlier this month according to a story from The Takeout. As a result, production was impacted. While the attack was malicious, it was not some joke to stop the production of candy corn, but rather an attempt to extort money.

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Brach's is responsible for 85% of the country's candy corn meaning a hack like this could, potentially, make things rough when it comes to producing enough to supply the country. All this happening around a WEEK before Halloween.

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Well, fear not - or, apologies: there's plenty for 2021. While the supply chain was disrupted by the hack, there will be enough for the 2021 season so no need to run to Hy-Vee and stock up. Also, you won't be able to sell bags of the stuff on eBay for $200. Sorry. The Brach's factory is still operating at a limited capacity so there's always a chance they'll have issues down the road, but again, no worries for this Halloween season.

Ferrera also manufactures over 25 other popular (more popular?) candies including Trolli, Famous Amos, and Little Brownie Bakers, which were the original Girl Scout cookies creators. Maybe the hackers wanted thin mints year-round?

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