There's nothing I love more than seeing news reporters become the news.

A reporter from WMC 5 was reporting on Coronavirus efforts outside of a hospital in Memphis, but her report got crashed unexpectedly, and in the most literal sense possible.

As the station was introducing their cut to Kelly Roberts at the medical district, a horn honk could be heard just before a car on screen is hit in the front end by another.

"Mmhm. Yeeeep, and I'm not here to cover the crash that just happened behind me, but I hope everyone's okay there," she says as she continues her broadcast like nothing happened.

The clip shared to YouTube cuts to the end of her broadcast, where she explains again that there was an accident, and everyone seems to be okay. Hospital staff can be seen running back and forth between the cars to make sure nobody needs medical attention.

"Of course, once I sign off, I'll make sure everyone's okay over there. Reporting live from the medical district, Kelly Roberts WMC 5 Action News," she says as she signs off.

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