Leave it to Carrie Underwood to bounce back from a painful injury like a super ball.

A Below Deck star who ran into the Grammy-winner after Underwood took a nasty spill and was forced to get 40 to 50 stitches etched into her face says the "Heartbeat" singer looks "great."

Underwood, who took a nasty spill outside of her Nashville home in November, addressed fans on January 1, and said she was still recovering from the accident, noting that her face may have changed a bit in the process. Still, Bravolebrity Adrienne Gang, who took a photo with Underwood in the gym on December 12 — about a month after the accident — said Underwood was in such great spirits that she had no idea the fall had been so bad.

“I had no idea she got hurt prior to meeting her," Gang told Us Weekly. "She had a wrist brace on, but I didn’t think much of it until I saw the headlines after I posted our picture together...She looked great and seemed to be in great spirits.”

Underwood first outlined the pitfalls of the "freak accident" to Entertainment Tonight.

"In addition to breaking my wrist, I somehow managed to injure my face as well," she said. "I'll spare you the gruesome details, but when I came out of surgery the night of my fall, the doctor told [my husband] Mike [Fisher] that he had put between 40 and 50 stitches in."

"Now, here we are seven weeks later and, even though I've had the best people helping me, I'm still healing and not quite looking the same," she eadded. "I honestly don't know how things are going to end up but I do know this: I am grateful. I am grateful that it wasn't much, much worse."

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