As much as he has been in the news this fall and winter for his crucial humanitarian efforts and fun public appearances, it seemed the launch of the Carson King Foundation would be inevitable.

Saturday, September 14, 2019, was the day he was first discovered by the public. King held up a sign on ESPN Gameday, who was covering the Iowa vs. Iowa State football pregame festivities that day. The sign was a tongue-in-cheek request of sorts for "Busch Light Supply" replenishment. He gave his Venmo account details and $3 million later he was a hero to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital and its patients.

Now, as reported by KCRG he's formed a foundation to help communities in Iowa perform charity fundraisers on a more organized scale. It will help hospitals, food banks and shelter groups across the state.

King has spoken at schools in Iowa since his rise to fame for his good deeds but he also announced a formal lecture series to continue doing so, and will call it "Carson Speaks". We'll keep you posted on his tour stops.

Thank you again to Carson King for bringing so much hope and spreading so much love across Iowa with a simple sign asking for more beer.


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