As National Pizza Month begins, a major convenience store based in Iowa and known for its pizza, donuts and more is announcing that changes to its branding are afoot.

Casey's General Store
Casey's General Store

KCCI is reporting that Casey's General Store is changing its logo as seen in the image above, and also its name--sort of. They will drop the "General Store" moniker and simply go by "Casey's".

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The company said they wanted to modernize their look and brand as they evolve with their online ordering, delivery and curbside pickup services expanding.

In a statement, Casey's CEO Darren Ramirez said "our new logo takes this a step further by reflecting who we are and what we stand for in a simple, more modern way that’s recognizable and familiar to all our guests."

Casey's was once a staple of mostly small towns but has grown and expanded its footprint over the years. The new look is part of that rebranding but the company promises the same quality and feel on the inside we've come to expect.

It's the first change for the store's logo and branding in its 52-year-history. They will start with a new store in Ankeny, where the chain is based, and then continue to roll it out across their other 2,200 stores in 16 states and online.

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