It's likely the most well-known murder case in the history of Cedar Rapids and another national news magazine will dedicate an hour to it this weekend.

In December of 1979, Cedar Rapids Kennedy student Michelle Martinko was found dead in the family car in the parking lot of the new Westdale Mall in Cedar Rapids.

In December of 2018, 66-year-old Jerry Burns was arrested and charged with her murder. It is widely believed that he and Martinko did not know each other. In late February of 2020, he was convicted of first-degree murder and was later sentenced to life in prison.

Since the trial ended, Investigation Discovery's "On The Case With Paula Zahn" and NBC's "Dateline NBC" have both focused on the case. Saturday night, November 7, CBS's "48 Hours" will recap the history behind the longtime cold case that was finally solved due to the combination of incredible technology and police work. You can see a preview of Saturday night's episode below. It will air beginning at 9 p.m. central Saturday evening.

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Nick Maybanks of the Linn County Attorney's Office, who was the lead prosecutor in the case, tells us the Law and Crime network is also planning a future episode focusing on the case.

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